Godly Living in Today's World
15th November 2018
10:00am- 4:00pm
After the successful meeting earlier in the year with the EA's David Landrum we were asked by many pastors if we could organise a follow up meeting. David spoke passionately about today's changing society, sexual ethics, current and upcoming public policy issues and our Christian responses to them.

We have invited Jeanette Howard and Sean Doherty to come and speak to us to address the subject of Godly Living in Today's World from a pastor viewpoint. They are both have much experience in this area and often work together as part of the Living Out organisation.

'Living Out' works in partnership with local churches and complement the work of organisations like the True Freedom Trust who offer biblical support and encouragement to Christians who experience same-sex attraction.

This one day conference, which includes lunch, will help prepare you for pastoral ministry in this area. We encourage church leaders to bring their counselling and pastoral teams with them.


Ashley Baptist Church
3 Lower Ashley Rd
New Milton
BH25 5AA

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