Press Release: Korean Hands on UK Pulpits

LEAF Korean Prayer Mission 2015

Press Release: Immediate

A group of visiting Korean Evangelical pastors and members of their congregations have been visiting New Forest churches. Hosted by LEAF: The Local Evangelical Alliance in the Forest, the Korean Christians have had the opportunity to visit some of the churches in the area to pray within them and to bless their community vision and ministry. The South Koreans requested their visit earlier in the year saying that they were thankful to the UK for sending the first missionaries to Korea 160 years ago and desired the opportunity to visit UK churches so that they could return the blessing.

On Wednesday 600 Koreans arrived at Heathrow and spread out across the country coordinated by Prayer Mission UK, a Korean organisation in London, to around 30 different locations. Hampshire has a number of small teams visiting the county's churches which includes Eastleigh and Portsmouth as well as the New Forest. Pastor SuYoung Choi Elder statesman of the New Forest team shared how the Korean church has a passion for prayer which often leads them to tears for the situations they intercede for. The Presbyterian Church they are members of numbers over 10,000 members and is now one of the biggest missionary sending churches in the world.Korean Hands on UK Pulpits "We come to England because we are so grateful to this country for sharing the gospel with us a century and a half ago. We now come back to pray for its churches, their leaders and their congregations that they might find once again, the power and the passion those early missionaries had."

One area that the Korean's wanted to pray for was the pulpits of each church they visit so that they may bless symbolically them to become an ever increasing source of inspiration in this ever fragmented world. Pastor Choi personally laid hands on the pulpits in St Michael's and All Angels Lyndhurst, where they are staying until Monday and also at Emery Down, Winsor Mission, Ashley Baptist and New Milton Evangelical Church (picture inset).

The Prayer Mission culminates on Sunday evening with a bring and share tea at St Michael's and All Angels Church Lyndhurst at 6PM and a celebration service of  music, prayer and praise afterwards at 7PM. Doors open from 5:30PM

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For more information please see the LEAF Website or to see photos from their trip visit the LEAF facebook page:

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