Press Release: Korean Prayers for Unity

Korean's Visit Winchester Cathedral


Press Release: Korean Prayers for Unity

Following the successful completion of last weeks Korean Prayer Mission; Brian Edgeley the Administrator for LEAF, the local Evangelical Alliance in the New Forest, said that 150 South Korean Pilgrims journeyed to England to pray in churches across the country with 34 of them staying in the New Forest. "It is amazing to think that just one year ago we hosted a single team of 12 pilgrims of prayer in Lyndhurst and now a year on we played host to three teams staying in Ringwood, Hythe and the village of Tiptoe." The churches that hosted the teams were Poulner Baptist Chapel Ringwood, Lighthouse Community Church in Hardley Green and The River of Life Church who have recently acquired the Jireh Centre in the village of Tiptoe. Mary Dyer, one of the team coordinators for TEAM LIGHTHOUSE said "It has been a pleasure to host the team of Koreans pilgrims this year. We have been touched by their warmth, joy, humility, and sincere love for the people of the UK - their joy was infectious."

All 3 teams slept in their host churches and held prayer vigils throughout the night from midnight until 5am. Their prayers were for unity and harmony, and that the church would be a blessing to the communities around. In fact across the country the voices of the Korean pilgrims echoed with the same prayer that in these difficult days the church would be the 'voice of unity where there is disunity and harmony where there is discord'. Host churches also took the teams out to visit other local churches in their vicinity so that the Koreans could pray for their leaders and pastors that they would prosper in God and see fruit to their ministries. There have been a number of testimonies from leaders regarding the beauty of their prayers, their dedication to pray for the United Kingdom, and their spiritual humility. 

The Koreans come from various Presbyterian churches across South Korea all whom have their roots in the Victorian missionaries who sailed from our coast 150 years ago to take the seeds of the gospel to China and Korea. Many of those missionaries were martyred for their belief but their message lived on in the pages of the bibles they took with them; some of which were used as wallpaper in Korean houses as paper was highly valued and very expensive at the time. It wasn't until one of these houses with strange wallpaper was inherited at the turn of the 19 century that it was realised what the writing on the walls said. It was from this mysterious beginning that the Korean church arose and now numbers over 10,000 members. Their annual pilgrimage to pray for England only started in 2010 after a senior pastor came on a personal visit to see one of the churches a missionary had been send from, only to find it had been turned into a wine bar, other such chapels are now churches of other religions. So begun the UK Prayer Mission, which brings members of the church on pilgrimages to visit and pray in UK Churches. In all 30 New Forest churches were visited this year and there were special Celebration Services held in each host location across the forest. The Prayer Mission finished with the singing of 'Amazing Grace' in both Korean and English in Winchester Cathedral on Monday.

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