Press Release: South Coast call to Prayer

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Press Release: South Coast call to Prayer
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Next week sees the beginning of the national UK Prayer Mission. This will see 250 Korean Christians descend on the UK as part of an annual prayer pilgrimage. The pilgrims arrive on Tuesday 27th and will stay with between 25-30 host churches across the UK for 6 days. There will be 5 teams on the South Coast residing in Portsmouth, Eastleigh, Hythe and Ringwood. Bournemouth will host their first ever team of a dozen pilgrims who will be staying in the Life Centre, Moordown; home to Bournemouth Community Church.

LEAF, the local evangelical alliance across the forest, is coordinating the two New Forest teams which it has done for the previous two years. A spokesperson for LEAF said "the Korean's are descendant Christians from missionary's the UK sent over in the mid 1850's. Today's pilgrims are returning to the UK as they see from afar that we need their assistance in these uncertain times. These folk are utterly committed to prayer - are gifted with it - and when you are with them, and hear them pray, there suddenly becomes a thin veil between heaven and earth. We are blessed and excited that they want to come and stand with us again for the third year in a row."

The teams will spend time in overnight prayers for their host churches from midnight through 05:00 am. Plus they will visit other local churches during the day to pray for their leaders and congregations and for their pulpits. They also will be remembering what the UK is going through at this time and will be saying special prayers for the safety and security of our country and our local communities.

Prayer is a hot topic at the moment with many churches across the country inspired to prayer by recent events, and also by the Archbishop of Canterbury's call for a new wave of global prayer through his Thy Kingdom Come initiative. Pope Francis also issued a similar call to prayer globally. This saw 1000's of people flocking to churches across the country to pray during the Ascension to Pentecost period. One such meeting at which Justin Welby spoke was at Winchester Cathedral which saw several thousand turn up to worship and pray together.

Another such unique event will be held on Thursday evening the 29th June at the 1000 seater Life Centre; which will see the coming together of 100's of like minded Christians who will join the Korean pilgrims in a unique evening of united celebration through music and song. The event called, Fanning Revival into Flame, is backed by Wessex Filling Station and the Korean Prayer Mission; it will see Director: Namjin Kim, co-host the evening. Prayers of blessing and of petition, will be led by the Korean teams staying at Ringwood's Poulner Baptist and Bournemouth's Life Centre. This unique, and free event, is the first such South coast meeting marrying together the local churches and the pilgrims of the UK Prayer Mission.

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