Press Release: Strategically Planted Seeds of Blessing

Korean Prayer Mission 2015

Press Release: Immediate

'Korean Hands on UK Pulpits': the heading stated, but the consequences of these actions are far reaching. The visit of the South Korean Pastors to the New Forest came as a time of renewal to the churches visited and many people were encouraged and inspired in their Christian faith. Pastor SuYoung ChoiPastor SuYoung Choi in his final address to the gathered congregation at St Michael's and All Angels Church Lyndhurst spoke of having "strategically planted seeds of blessing upon those churches, their leaders and the pulpits from which the bible is taught, which will bring forth a harvest of beautiful flowers of blessing one day in the future when the season is right." 

Pastor Choi, who spends 6 months of the year as a missionary to French speaking Gabon on the west coast of Africa; also spoke of his tender heartedness towards the UK who have stood with South Korean people through wars and tragedy as a strong ally. He continued: "In Korea we sing a song that speaks of a sower who scatters seeds of rice randomly which doesn't produce much of a crop! However, the sower who plants each seed strategically reeps a great harvest which when in bloom reveals a veritable carpet of crop." He continued "In the future, the UK churches where we have strategically planted these seeds and prayers of blessing will be seen to produce a beautiful and colourful carpet of blessing 'flowers' as they bloom across the forest."

Korean BlessingTen churches were visited during the Koreans tour of the New Forest including Cornerstone Hythe URC where Pastor Eddie Boon said "We were humbled by the passionate way they prayed for us during their brief visit. For many people, the idea of prayer seems alien, even ludicrous and yet I and many others have seen wonderful consequences of prayer. It was in 1832 that the first missionaries landed in Corea (as it was known) and they came from the UK and it is therefore most welcome now for us to receive such guests amongst us."

The Korean Prayer Mission 2015 is now complete but was inspired by LEAF: the Local Evangelical Alliance in the New Forest.

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