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Joining LEAF Trust


If you live, or go to church in the New Forest area, then why not consider joining LEAF Trust today?

There are four levels of LEAF Membership:

  1. Full Membership - Church and/or Organisation Membership of LEAF and the EA (subscription based)
  2. Personal - Personal Membership of LEAF and the EA (subscription based)
  3. Affiliation - Church and/or Organization Affiliation of LEAF only (free - read more)
  4. e-Newsletter Only - become a friend of LEAF and receive our eNewsletter only.

1 & 2. Membership Benefits:

Full membership, whether personal, organisational or church, benefit from the following:

If you decide on Full Membership with both LEAF and the EA - either as a church, organization or an individual, you will receive the following extra benefits:

As you can see there are many benefits from joining LEAF as a full member - so what's stopping you?

* 3. LEAF Affiliation:

As a church/organization LEAF recognize that there are those who share our vision for Christian unity and the spiritual transformation of the New Forest but, for whatever reason, do not feel that full membership of LEAF is appropriate for them. If your church or organization falls into that category please consider joining as a LEAF Affiliate where you can still have access to all the local resources and networking we provide but not the commitment to membership. 

We also value those who may not feel that they would benefit directly from what we provide but are willing to stand with us as prayerful supporters of our desire to see God’s kingdom established across the New Forest.

Forms & Downloads:

Please download and complete the relevant form returning it to us at the address shown.

Simply click the various links below to download the form relevant to your application. PDF forms will open a portable data file format form which you can view and print off to fill out by hand; WORD will open a Microsoft WORD form which will allow you to fill it out using your computer with Microsoft Office. A digital Signature is legally accepted.

PLEASE NOTE FORMS ARE PRESENTLY BEING UPDATED: if required please contact us via admin@leaforest.org in this interim time.

  1. Full church membership form ...being updated
  2. Full organisation membership form ... being updated
  3. Affiliated membership both church and organisation ... being updated
  4. Full personal membership form ... being updated

Please Note:

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of LEAF!

4. eNewsletter Only

We like to keep both local church leaders and friends of LEAF up-to-date with what is going on in the area. So from time to time we send out an e-Newsletter updating those who have asked us to do so. 

Please click on the link below and fill out the online form to join our mailing list. This online form will ask you several simple questions which will help us keep you informed within your area of residence.

Data Protection Act 1998

Our information is kept on a database which is kept up-to-date by the LEAF administration and accounts team and we adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998. We do not share your information with other affiliates or organisations except in the case of membership applications which include membership of the Evangelical Alliance (EAUK) then the applicants data is shared with the Evangelical Alliance so that membership forms can be completed and the IDEA magazine sent out.

You can request to to be removed from our database at anytime by writing to admin@leaforest.org or you can join LEAF by filling out one of the various forms above or simply joining our mailing list.

May God bless you as we 'Stand Stronger Together in Christ.'